With a view over the vineyards on the hillside directly onto Lake Zurich

Rösti, the Rhine Falls, cheese fondue, Heidi, the Matterhorn, chocolate, watches, pocket knives, herbal sugar.

Who invented it? Well… the Swiss. Wine is not among their inventions, although it would be a good addition! Maybe we lack a connection to Swiss wines because most of them are drunk in the country where they are grown and are therefore rarely exported. It’s a bit of a shame, because the quality of these wines is excellent.

In vino veritas – a roundabout way to a true calling

This also applies, for example, to the Räuschling 2021 from the Bachmann winery in Stäfa on Lake Zurich. Theres and Jonathan Bachmann took over the company from Theres’ father Martin in 2018. While Martin Bachmann continues to support the two of them offering advice and assistance and usually takes care of tastings with customers, the next generation creates mountain and lake wines from the region.

The Bachmanns are now part of the young “think tank” of Swiss winemakers. Both were career changers and had previously worked in other areas. As a winemaker and sommelier, Theres is responsible for sales and organisation, Jonathan, as a trained wine technologist, is the cellar master in the winery. He has previously tested and expanded his knowledge in well-known wineries from Graubünden to South Africa.

When it comes to harvesting, the whole family is called upon to lend a hand. Theres and Jonathan Bachmann's two young sons, who already have wine in their blood, so to speak, are also there. The future successor has already been taken care of.

Winegrowing has a long tradition on Lake Zurich. Räuschling, an old white wine variety, can only be found here. The Bachmann family has converted a barn with great attention to detail to bring this and many other wines closer to customers. While the wines mature in the cool natural cellar of the timber-framed house which was built in 1701, the newly designed room above offers fantastic views over the vineyards on the slope directly onto Lake Zurich. This view is opened up by several lift and slide doors. This means that even in the cooler months of the year, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the surroundings over a glass of wine. In the warmer months, the lift and slide doors open and invite you to take a seat on the terrace. The space-saving nature of the lift and slide door system is also practical, as it ensures there is enough room for large groups both inside and outside.

The lift and slide doors also look great. In Spectral anthracite grey ultra matt, they create a harmonious frame for the interior, which is primarily made of sustainable wood. The result is a modern ambience in which, thanks to Theres Bachmann’s exquisite sense of aesthetics, it is easy to get together and enjoy yourself. You can experience this special location and the family’s passion for their wine at various events. The “Suuser Sunntig”, for example, is a regular occurrence. Wine tastings accompanied by music with uninterrupted views of the vineyards and Lake Zurich – what more could you want to unwind?